Children for Change was the idea of 9 year old Kingston. After spending a week at his aunt's Love Unlimited Foundation summer camp in July 2016 in Brown's Town Jamaica, Kingston quickly began to realize that not all children have the same things that he has. He learned that when he returned to his resort each day after camp, many of the other children had to walk a mile or more to get home and some of them were returning to homes without electricity or running water. After endless questions and answers over the 9 months following camp, Kingston began to realize he was very fortunate and that he had so many things when some children didn't have anything. He learned that many children can't go to school because they don't even have a pair of shoes, some can't afford the books required for school and some can't afford a lunch. More often than not, the children didn't have electronics or the latest toys, didn't have fashionable clothing, didn't get to go on family vacations, didn't have shoes that fit them properly....and the list went on and on.

Children for Change

     As Kingston kept running through the list, he quickly realized that he had way more than he needed.  He actually had EXTRA while many children didn't have enough.  He also knew that most of his friends were just like him and their lifestyles seemed to be similar so he thought his friends and classmates probably had "EXTRA" as well. He came up with the idea that children who had EXTRA things could help those children who didn't have enough.  Children for Change was born.  Kingston said he wanted "to change things to make it better and more fair for the children who didn't have the things they needed to grow, do their best, be happy and have a good life."  Kingston's 10 year old sister Kymora and 6 year old sister Kalani joined him so they can inspire other children to join them and try to make a difference.

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