Dear Parents, Children for Change is a wonderful way to start teaching children at an early age about the reality of the world. The reality being, not all children were born into a wealthy family, not all children were born in a country that values women or education and sometimes no matter how bad off we may feel our life is, there is always someone in a worse situation than our own My hope is, if we raise our children knowing that not all children have the things they have and sometimes we need to help those children or they simply won't have a chance to succeed in life, then it will help our children grow into compassionate and considerate young adults who will continue to help make a difference in the world. From my own experience, I was tired of seeing all the expensive games and toys collecting dust around my house. It's complicated because we work hard so we should be able to find joy in giving our children the things they want, or that "hot new toy" of the season. Why not? There's nothing wrong with that but when the children lose interest a month after playing with it and it's still in perfectly good condition, that's when I feel like maybe I'm teaching my children on a larger scale that it's okay to be greedy and wasteful and it's okay to hoard have things just to be able to say you have them. That's not the type of adult I want my children to grow into, so when my son came up with the idea for Children for Change, I thought it was exactly the answer I was looking for. Then I thought, if I'm feeling this way I'm sure there are plenty of other parents out there feeling the exact same way! Together we have a unique opportunity not only to help children living in poverty but also teach our own children the importance of helping those less fortunate than they are. It's a win/win as far as I'm concerned. Thank You for Your Support! Melayna Stephens P.S. - "The goal isn't to leave the world a better place for your kids, it's to leave better kids for the world." -Salman Khan

"It is vital that when educating our children's brains we do not neglect to educate their hearts."


~Dali Lama

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