Every country is different when it comes to programs they have in place for education, funding the government allocates to the school systems and even WHO receives that funding. Bottom line, not all children can afford the required supplies or books or school fees required to get their full education.  Without books and school supplies no child can do well in school, and without a good education, no child can do well in life.











Text Book Scholarships

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."


 - Nelson Mandela

Our Books for All program ensures every student at the school receives their required school books without cost to the student.  For those families who used to struggle to come up with the money to buy some of the books, they can now use that money to help the family in other equally important ways.  For those families who were never able to afford school books before, they can now rest easy knowing their children will receive the education they're entitled to and that there's hope for those children to one day use that educational foundation to make a better life for themselves. This is every parent's hope for their child, regardless of economic status. We all want better lives for our children and without an education the cycle of poverty will continue.


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